Make sure you have adequate insurance – If you have real problems getting cover contact the National Flood Forum on 01299-403055 who can advise on specialist brokers or contact the British Insurance Brokers Association on 08770-950-1790.

Unless you are diverting a small amount of flowing water sandbags are not a lot of use. Consider buying flood protection products such as lockable air brick covers and flood gates for all external doors. Many insurance companies will only recognise products which are kite marked to comply to British Standards as part of a package of measures put in place to help with insurance applications. Products which have been tested and qualify for the Kite Mark can be found here. Other useful products: waterproof tape to seal windows, large waterproof bags which chairs can be lifted into (if all else fails a bin bags sealed around table legs can help protect furniture!)

Make sure you are registered with the Environment Agency to receive Flood Alert and Flood Warning messages. They can be found on our links page here.

NEED HELP IN THE EVENT OF A FLOOD? To register contact Lynne Jones who organises the flood response team. She can be found on our contacts page here. We will then have arrangements in place to get a team of helpers out to you should a flood be imminent.

MAKE A PLAN NOW – Have emergency telephone numbers to hand, a plastic bag with items you will need: torch, battery or wind-up radio, mobile phone, keys, rubber gloves, medication, food and a flask. Make sure boots, warm and waterproof clothing and/or blankets are easily accessible. Don’t forget there might be a power cut!!
Keep important personal documents/photos and details of your insurance policy at a safe height.
Make sure you know where to turn off your gas, electricity and water, label the switches etc. to remind yourself if necessary.
Discuss as a family where you might all meet up if a flood is imminent- - remember roads/bridges may be closed.

Look after elderly and infirm neighbours and ensure their safety.
Be ready to turn off water, gas and electricity supplies at the mains.
Move your car to a safe place, make sure everyone – including pets - are safe.
Charge your mobile phone, check radio/torch batteries, fill flask/containers with water in case supply contaminated.
Put your flood defences in place – if you have nothing else plastic bags filled with soil can be used.
Don’t forget to block sinks/baths/ground floor toilets to prevent backflow if you do not have backflow valves fitted.
Make sure the dishwasher door is shut and that water cannot get into the house through washing machines etc.
Move electrical items and valuables, including important documents and irreplaceable photos, to a first floor or higher.
Listen to Radio Cumbria 104.1FM, the TV or check the Environment Agency web site for Keswick area to get accurate information.

Floods can kill. Never try to walk or drive through floodwater.
WAIT for the emergency services. Follow their instructions. If an evacuation order is issued you MUST comply. Remember to secure your property, sadly burglars target homes in the chaos of floods.
Keep away from river banks/bridges - they may collapse in extreme situations or you may be swept off by large waves.
Avoid contact with floodwater - it may be contaminated with sewage.
Taking photos/noting the time of events will give the various authorities a clearer picture of how the flood develops.
Call Floodline on 0845-988-1188 followed by Option 1 followed by Keswick code 022123 for the latest information and stay tuned to local radio.