Keswick Flood Action Group (KFAG) was formed following the serious flooding which occurred in the town on January 7th 2005.
The principal aims of the small committee are to apply pressure for increased flood defence measures and to help the community to reduce the risks of flooding for the future. KFAG looks at the flooding issues affecting homes and businesses in the town and tries to work with the various agencies to make them aware of the problems, to encourage a co-ordinated approach from all departments and to press for action to alleviate flooding wherever possible.

The floods of November 2009 showed that our planned response to flooding worked well but there is still much to do to try to reduce the devastating effects that flood water can have on homes in our town.

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FLOOD ALERTS AND WARNINGS: SIGN UP FOR FREE FLOODLINE WARNINGS DIRECT: Anyone who lives in a flood risk area, who cares for someone in a flood risk area, or who regularly drives through a flood risk area can register. The Environment Agency will send flood warnings to your home phone, work phone, mobile (call or text), fax, pager or email at any time of the day or night when flooding is imminent.
You have the option to be contacted when there is simply the lower warning – Flood Alert (used 2 hours to 2 days in advance of flooding to enable you to be prepared and monitor local water levels/flood forecasts on the EA web site) or for Flood Warning (used half an hour to one day in advance of flooding – a time to make sure family, pets and valuables are in a safe place, to turn off power and water supplies if safe to do so and to put flood protection equipment in place), and Severe Flood Warning (when flooding poses a significant threat to life and you should stay in a safe place with a means of escape, be ready to evacuate your home and to co-operate with the emergency services, call 999 if you are in danger).

TO REGISTER: Call The Environment Agency Floodline 0845-988-1188 Lines available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may register your home address and also an “area of interest” – for example for alerts in a flood risk area where an elderly relative lives. Flood warning links can be found on the links page here.

REPORTING AN EMERGENCY FLOODING SITUATION Environment Agency Incident Hotline 0800-80-70-60 (Ask to be put through to the Flood Warning Duty Officer, Penrith). Or contact the Police or Fire Brigade by dialling 999.

BLOCKED DRAINS: Report to Highways Dept Tel 0845-609-6609 / email

WASTE WATER FLOODING IN ELLIOT PARK: Phone UU Emergency Hotline: 0845-746-2200, Option 1. Tell UU "There is an emergency sewage flooding situation at Elliot Park, in Keswick (CA12 5NS). Please contact the Network Manager (Paul Rigby)". Tell them the situation with the pump(s), e.g. a) The pump is not on, or b) The pump is on but not coping with the volume of water. Explain that “Additional pumps and assistance are required urgently”.

AND Phone Fire Brigade: 999. AND To activate the automatic flood warnings for the area, phone EA Incident Hotline: 0800-80-70-60. Say it is an emergency and ask to be put through to the Flood Warning Duty Officer in Penrith. Tell them "Please activate the Surface Water Flood Warning for the Elliot Park area in Keswick."

SANDBAGS are no longer provided centrally by Allerdale Borough Council. It is now everyone’s own responsibility to arrange any sandbags that they need for their property. Keswick Flood Recovery Group has arranged access to a number of sandbags and Floodsaxs. These can be collected in advance from Keswick Flood Recovery Group Project Leader, Hannah Stevens on 07788 527445. In the event of flooding these will be used to protect any building or area considered a priority at the time.

Stay in and Tune in! Radio Cumbria 104.1FM Weathering the Storm The book of stories and colour photographs from the November 2009 floods called “Weathering the Storm” is still available. The book is priced at £10 per copy and is a fascinating read of all the experiences of those involved in the events. It is on sale at the following places: McKanes Shop; Keswick Post Office; The Book Shop; Keswick Tourist Information Centre Copies can also be posted – please contact Lynne Jones for details, she can be found on our contacts page here.