We realise that times of continual heavy rainfall can be a big worry for people at risk of flooding. In this situation the emergency services do a first rate job but their primary responsibility is towards saving life and limb. They do not have the resources to supply the help that individual residents may need to protect their property.

It is this gap which the Self Help section of the Keswick Flood Action Group aims to fill.

We are offering to help householders:
  • Put flood defences in place.
  • Move belongings when the threat of flood is imminent
  • Help with the initial clear up if the worst happens.

When a flood watch is given one or more members of the Group will monitor the situation and will call in additional help as required. We already have teams of local volunteers who are not at risk of flooding to call on.

We have already tried to meet with any people in the area who may need help and have compiled a list of those who wish to be helped with erecting flood defences etc. but if you – or someone you know - has not had the opportunity to register for help, please contact Lynne Jones, and she can be found on the contacts page here.